Caring for your new denture


Whenever possible, clean your denture after each meal and before sleep. Use a soft tooth brush or denture brush with warm soapy water to clean all surfaces of the denture.

Avoid abrasive cleaners like toothpaste. However specialised denture toothpaste is ok.

Brush the denture over a full sink of water or a towel, so if you accidentally drop it, it won’t break.


Remove your denture overnight and soak to allow the mouth to rest.

Soak denture 10 minutes a day in a solution of 1/2 teaspoon of bleach to 1 cup of water or use commercial denture cleaning solutions (eg Steradent/Polident) strictly according to instructions.

We recommend Caldent which can be purchased through us.


It is common to notice a sense of fullness when first wearing your new denture. Your tongue and muscles will adapt and this feeling will subside.


It takes time to adjust when eating with a new denture.

Your bite will be different and your muscles will take time to adjust. Eat softer foods to start and avoid eating bulky, hard and sticky foods until you get used to chewing with your new denture.

Denture adjustments

It is common to have sore spots after wearing your new denture. Gum tissue can be pinched between the denture and the bone and sores may develop. We will adjust your denture accordingly and this will improve over time. PLEASE don’t hesitate to call us If you require further assistance adjustments in the future.

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