Sinus Precaution instructions

If you have had an upper back tooth extracted your dentist may have advised that you take sinus precautions. This is to prevent complications with your sinuses. Please follow these instructions:

What is an oral-antral communication (sinus exposure)?

An oral-antral fistula is an opening or communication from your mouth to your sinus. It usually occurs where the tooth roots are very close to the sinus.
Sometimes with extractions, an opening occurs. Fortunately, most of these openings heal by themselves, however a few of them have to be closed surgically.


Rinse your mouth GENTLY after each meal and at bedtime with ¼ teaspoon household salt in a glass of warm water. Avoid swishing or vigorous rinsing.


  1. Blowing your nose
    It is best to wipe your nose. After two weeks, if you must blow your nose, blow gently through both sides at the same time. Do not pinch your nose; do not blow just one side at a time.
    If your nose becomes congested, take nose drops available “over the counter” from your pharmacy. Use as directed by the manufacturer. These drops will open up your nasal passages. Nose drops should not be taken for more than five days in a row.
  2. Sneezing
    If you must sneeze, keep your mouth open and do not pinch your nose closed.
  3. Sucking
    Do not drink through a straw. Do not smoke.
  4. Blowing
    Do not play a wind instrument. Do not blow up balloons.
  5. Pushing or lifting
    Do not lift or push heavy objects.
  6. Bending over
    Keep your head above the level of your heart. Sleep with your head slightly raised.

If you develop pain, severe bleeding or you think you have an infection, please phone us.

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