Oral Health Therapist

Hi my name is Kamila and I graduated with a Bachelors of Oral Health.

Meeting new people of all different ages and backgrounds is one of the main reasons I love my job. The other part of my job I enjoy is encouraging and helping people improve their oral health by providing them the knowledge and help that they need.

Q. What’s your coffee order?

Pumpkin spice latte with a small amount of ice

Q. What do you like on your pizza?

I love a good classic vegetarian pizza

Q. What is your favourite Tim Tam?

I don’t fancy Tim Tams but if I had to choose a flavour it would be the caramel one

Q. If you could visit anywhere in the world where would you go?

If given the chance I would love to travel to Italy

Q. Tell us a random fact about you

A random fact about me is I can pop my shoulder blades to make them look like angel wings!!

Our Services

We provide a wide range of dental services at family friendly prices. At Richmond Village Dental, you will receive professional advice regarding your oral health from our experienced dentists. We treat everyone with kindness and respect and without judgement.

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